Tranquil Cafe 6Th Anniversary Soon
Brianna's Rezz Day was great fun. Now is the time to prepare for the Sixth Anniversary for the Tranquil Cafe.  Keep watching the SL Events posting and this article for more updates on the next Big Party!!

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           Welcome to the Tranquil Venues


A Virtual Place in Second Life ®


 Tranquil Cafe Turned 6


On April 20,2014 the Tranquil Cafe celebrated it's sixth anniversary. The event was highlighted by 

performances by one of the earliest Tranquil venue performers, dpatrick flow, who played at 

the first open mic in Tranquil Commons, and mr. fingersatz barbosa who replied to the open mic call.

 Following the annniversary Bri rearranged performer schedules to permit her a bit more

free time and added a Saturday concert featuring mr. fingersatz and another former 

Cafe performer Ictus Belford. Check out our schedule here and in the Cafe for 

current schedules.





 Be The Match Concert

March 23, 2014


Last nite we had a great concert to support awareness of BE THE MATCH!

We had three planners, Katsii Tennen, Mighty Mite and Brianna.

Mighty conducted two days at her venue and Katsii and I hosted a nine hour concert 

last nite in Tranquil. Some of the best musicians in SL volunteered to appear and 

the Tranquil Commons was a lovely location for the concert.  We were a bit tired by midnite

if we save one life from the concert it was well worth it!! This is the composite picture.


 From the top left to right: TwoStep Spiritweaver with Bat Masters, Shannon Oherlihy,

Billy Thunders, Maximillion Kleene, Russell Eponym

DRUM, Duncan Bagley, Voodoo Shilton & Mulder Watts



We had over 180 peeps attending the nine hour concert this was the last event with Voodoo and Mulder with nearly 50 avatars attending!




Brianna Celebrated her 7th Rezz Day


Last nite, March 3,2014, Brianna celebrated her 7th Rezz Day!! Great turnout of friends made the evening 

very special indeed!! First Chris Evermore performed at 5:00pmslt, then Christopher Quan at 

6:00pmslt.  The following is a YouTube done by Robert Little, Bri was a golden girl

and enjoyed every minute of the party!!








Grand Opening of the Alabaster Ballroom


Join us Friday January 3, 7:00pmslt 



Once more the Tranquil Venues are Moving.  The first show will be on Sunday December 15, 5:00pmslt.

 The Tranquil Sim that Brianna opened in November 2010 will be relinquished back to the Lindens in January. 

The new Tranquil Cafe address is




Unfortunately the new location only has room for the Tranquil Cafe, Commons and the Starlight Ballroom. Eventually she may be able to add more land to

bring back the Mola Museum and Haven.

The Tranquil Sim was founded on November 17, 2007, it was sold in 2009 and Brianna purchased another sim and named it Tranquil on November 6,2010.

The second sim will be abandoned on January 5, 2014.  A tribute to the old sim Tranquil is available on the Tranquil Events YouTube site which may be accessed

in the network links on this page.

  Live music is still  featured for at least two hours from 5:00pmslt - 7:00pmslt every Sunday - Thursday nite.   Go to the Tranquil Cafe Now!


Brianna is now BLOGGING follow her fashion blog at :

Brianna's Bazaar


6th Anniversary of Tranquil Commons - 122 in Attendance

The Sixth Anniversary of Live Music in Tranquil Commons was attended by over 122 peeps during the six hour concert.  The music was great and a fun time was had by all :)

More Pics under Events




 The Tranquil Cafe



At the Tranquil Cafe in Second Life ® you will find live music, dancing, a hangout spot with folk music, and a place to meet new friends.

Click on the Event Calendar to get schedule for live music!



Brianna Beresford is your hostess at the Tranquil Cafe. She is a social network butterfly and can be found throughout the Social Web.



Tranquil Cafe features a variety of performers from those just beginning their virtual music career to the most accomplished musicians in Second Life ®.

MrMulti Writer pictured above is performing in the Tranquil Cafe.


If you would like to listen to Tranquil Artists perform live you do not have to be in SL™ in order to enjoy their gig, just click on the following url
Then click on *Listen Now* and your player should let you listen to the live music IF the artist is performing on the Tranquil stream, only one of  the artists use the Tranquil Stream, Montian Gilruth,who is currently on hiatus otherwise the Tranquil Stream is silent because the artists are using their personal streams.

Discover more about the current regular SL™ musicians who perform in the Tranquil Cafe by clicking the Music tab.


Second Life® Events in sponsored by Brianna include "word art", authors sharing the spoken word, and art exhibitions.

Click the Tranquil Events calendar for upcoming SL™ fun.

Our Mola Museum was featured on


Bite Catering is one of Brianna's favorite businesses. Click the Bite tab above to view some parties she catered in Second Life®.





Brianna is out of the horse business, they were very expensive and the market went plop :(  The best horse she bred was named after Bri's best friend in SL Sazzy OH. The following is a pic of Tranquil Sazz. It sold at auction for 20,000 Linden.



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