Relay For Life Concert
March 23, 2013
Music through the Ages, 50’s 
Hosted by Brianna Beresford 
@ Tranquil Diner
The following pictures are from the wonderful concert to benefit Relay For Life. We raised $32,967 Lindens!
Rocketman Galaxy
Claire de’ Dirval & Dixie Silverweb Duet 
Blueron Clyburn
Katarina Malaspina
BubbaC John and the Bubbettes
Savannah Coronet

izdovrcr Finesmith

Brianna Celebrates RL Birthday 1/3/2013

Valentine’s Day Party
February 14, 2011
at The Starlight 
The Valentine’s Party was great fun, good music,
and best of all Bri’s RL husband Burt Andrew came in to dance with her !!!!!!!
The following are a few pictures that she took at the party!!

Burt and Bri sharing a smooch!!
Lyn Carlberg from Wales and Kiaranne Flanagan from US do a live duet for the party!!

Opening Night at Pyramid

November 5,2009 – January 4, 2010


 Pictures from the Tribute Concert 
April 19 12:00pmslt – 9:00pmslt
All is ready for the Concert
Robert69 Little SL™ Machinima Artist, the honoree of the Tribute Concert
RoseDrop Rust 
 Mia Maxsted
Cylindrian Rutabaga takes the *floor*
izdovrcr Finesmith
Elvera Lerner
Moondoggirl Moomintoog
dpatrick flow
Satin Galli
Kiaranne Flanagan
Norris Shepherd
MrMulti Writer
Duncan Bagley
BubbaC John
Maximillion Kleene
Robert69 Little and Annasue Barzane
Brianna finally gets to dance!
Chester Cournoyer’s Fireworks