Monday nite was a special nite not only was it the opening of the Starlight
but it was Bri’s RL Bday!!
 Bri had two lovely gowns for the event, the afternoon gown for the Euro crowd is the lavendar one above.
The white gown was lovely and was worn for the evening event,
this picture is after the party was over and just a few dancers remained.
Bri’s first dance of the evening was with her rl son who attended the Ball in his SL avatar!
Brianna hostessing Tamra Sands in the afternoon set.
The Starlight Crowd!
View from the glass dome.
Bri’s RL son and his RL fiancee were a lovely couple in SL!!
Although both were new to virtual dancing they caught on quite well!!
Maximillion Kleene and his *Tipping* Cow!
Brianna and Cuddy have the Last Dance