Mola Museum

Mola Museum is Back at Tranquil, same museum, new sim, some new Molas on Display!


Mola Museum Reopens on April 25,2010

Nexus and Bri after the Grand Opening Lecture held in the Commons, museum is on the left

Bri and some patrons at the museum opening.

The Tranquil Textile Museum opened in February of 2008. It hosted a permanent exhibit of special textiles, over 30 Molas created by the Kuna Indians. The Kuna Indians live on the San Blas Archipelago along the Atlantic coast of Panama and Columbia. Mola’s are collected as folk art in real life and displayed in noted museums. They are created using the reverse applique method and represent various themes in the Kuna culture.  The museum is currently looking for a new home in SL.

The molas are from the personal collection of Nexus Dot who gives Second Life® lectures at the museum about the Kuna culture. Some molas are for sale to help support the museum and half the proceeds from their sale is donated to the Cultural Survival Organization®.

 Nexus and Brianna dressed in Mola shirts.