Fifth Anniversary of Tranquil
On November 17, 2012 the fifth anniversary
of the first music venue in Tranquil was celebrated.  
Over 180 SL members attended the show which featured the following performers:
12:00 Joozz
1:00 Mash Rhode
2:00 MrMulti Writer
4:00 Terrylynn Melody
5:00 izdovrcr Finesmith
We also sent our best get well wishes to one of
Brianna’s oldest SL friends Mags !!
Enjoy the Pictures of the Party!!
 JooZz performing from Rotterdam
Mash Rhode performing from Dublin, Ireland
MrMulti Writer and Ed Lowell Performing from NY and OH
TerryLynn Melody performing from USA
izdovcr Finesmith Rockin N Rollin in Chicago
 Brianna Hostessing the Party



Tranquil Commons

 The Tranquil Commons is back at the new Tranquil Sim, Grand Reopening was on November 20,2010 Photos follow:
Brianna dousing the stage with Champagne!
Balloons at Opening of Commons!
A Perfect Fall Day for JooZz Magic to open the new Sim!
 The (old) Tranquil Commons at Shona (replaced Romantica) and the New Mola Museum
The Commons as it was in 2009. It no longer exists.
Tranquil Commons was the public meeting place for residents of Tranquil and the hottest spot for large SL™ parties.
The first live music in Tranquil was performed in the Commons when Brianna jumped into the SL™ music business by hosting a 24/7 live music concert in November 2007.