New Tranquil Sim

Tranquil Sim RETURNS!


On November 7, 2010, Brianna purchased a sim from an old friend. The Sim was renamed Tranquil and moved to a new location. There are two other businesses on the Sim, Counselor Education in Second Life owned by Kimbo Scribe, and Chapter Island owned by Magdeleine Rossini. The quarter sim that Brianna retained house the Cafe, Commons and the Mola Museum.  Bri is getting ready to add a ballroom – hopefully in time for some holiday parties.  The Commons and the Ballroom when completed will be available to rent for holiday parties as Bri seeks to expand her event management services.


Brianna was in building mode and forgot her screen was showing 🙂 But you can see she was busy placing her buildings on the new Tranquil!!

Some new views on the new sim, Brianna and Mags have placed Lighthouses on their borders. No ships should get lost finding Tranquil now.

Bri checks the toasty marshmallows, they are the best in the world!  Come over and try them just outside the Commons area some nite.

Bri and the former owner of the new Tranquil Sim at the Grand Opening Last Dance!