On Sunday April 21 the Tranquil Cafe celebrated it’s Fifth Anniversary.  A Tranquil Search for Talent resulted in two finalists performing in the competition, Franck Molko and Krysania Eramos (Krysaniaa. Krysaniaa was named the winner and is now playing a bi-weekly show at Tranquil. The following are some pictures of the 5th Anniversary party!!!!
Bri before the 5th!!
Brianna and Kia ( Kiaranne Flanagan was the first Tranquil Artist)
Over 100 Cafe supporters attended the nearly four hour event!!!
Fireworks and Ballooons!!!!!
Bri and Duncan have the Last Dance!!!



Fourth Anniversary of Tranquil Cafe
April 22,2012
 The Fourth Anniversary of the Cafe was celebrated on April 22, 2012.  We celebrated old times
and the music provided by Kiaranne Flanagan, Kitzie Lane, and Duncan Bagley kept the crowd dancing all evening. 
Over 64 fans stopped by to celebrate with us last nite. 
The above pic was taken by friend Mags  – the following pics that Bri took are not as
nicely framed but it was a fun evening!!
Kiaranne Flanagan playing for the Fourth Anniversary of the Tranquil Cafe. 
This is also the fourth anniversary of Kiaranne’s SL music career.
Duncan Bagley ended the Fourth Anniversary Celebration!!
Balloons and Stars –  Duncan was bounced off stage  but he kept playing and we kept dancing!!!
Brianna ponders the last four years before the party starts.
Fireworks played during the Fourth Celebration

Third Tranquil Cafe Anniversary 
April 20,2011
We had a wonderful Third Anniversary party on April 20. 
Brianna was too busy to get good pics so there aren’t many to share. 
The Cafe has undergone a renovation – just a few tweaks and we entertained over 80 guests at the party. 
Below are a few pics from the day.
The newly arranged pictures all fit on the back wall now. The couches have given over to relaxing chairs and a reduced size fire source. 
Bri on Third anniversary

Tranquil Cafe is BACK at Tranquil Sim Pics of New Cafe are below:
View from back of Cafe
Deirdre McConaught in foreground is Bri’s new accountant and the new sim is registered to Deirdre. Bri is dancing next to her and MrMulti is playing on the first nite in the new Cafe

Second Anniversary Party 
Brianna at Second Anniversary
DanD Rau and Sazzy Oh at Anniversary Celebration (all Anniversary photos are courtesy of DanD
since Bri spent most of time crashed)

The Tranquil Cafe in Second Life® was opened on April 20, 2008. An artist-in-training program enables new musicians to perfect their SL™ music performance in a tranquil setting. Over 50 Second Life® musicians have performed in the Cafe.



Live music is streamed into the Cafe from the artist’s performance studio which is often their home but can be from a real life venue as well.
If you would like to listen to Tranquil Artists perform live you do not have to be in SL™ in order to enjoy their gig, just click on the following url
Then click on *Listen Now* and your player should let you listen to the live music.
Not all artists use the Tranquil stream so there will be some performances listed in the Events Calendar that will not be available at the above address.
Just remember that all activities on the Calendar are expressed in Pacific Standard Time!



The following are pictures of the new Tranquil Cafe – 2010!







The Tranquil Cafe provides a place for many SL™ residents to unwind from real life and enjoy folk music.

If you would like to receive invites to our activities in SecondLife® just go to groups in search and locate Tranquil Events and click join.

You may also join when you are in Tranquil by clicking on any Event Schedule sign which will give you a join message in chat.

If you would like to visit the Cafe in Second Life®, just click on the SLurl™ below.