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 On August 16,2014, Brianna was finally selected as a Miss Virtual World Finalist!!! She has been trying for this honor for at least four years now and is thrilled to finally get the opportunity to compete for the coveted Miss Virtual World 2015 title.  Bri is committed to sharing all of the information about her stylings and work on this project but on occasion she can not release the styling information until following the competition! If you would like any information about her competition styling and you don’t see it on her blog Brianna’s Bazaar just IM me inworld and will do my best to find it. The following is the styling that Brianna wore for the August competition.

 Note the Tranquil Studio logo on the pic, Bri finally is going to try to remember to place that mark on all of her pictures from now on!  The final competitions of the MVW contest will be broadcast live and if Bri receives the information early enough in advance it will be posted. The Final Competition will be held on Sunday December 14 at 10:00 am slt.

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