Check out Brianna's Bazaar
Brianna just was nominated for the Miss Virtual World Finalist Contest to be held on December 14, 10:00amslt.  But prior to the contest there will be other preliminary competitions that will provide the judges of the contest with the ability to assess the styling and artistic skills the candidate posesses.  Brianna is determined to have an open-source competition and will post all of her styling information on Brianna's Bazaar blog - but sometimes the posts will be after the event as the competitions are that competitive events and it's best not to "let the outfit" out of the shopping bag tooo soon   So If you want to follow the contest and all of the events associated with it and any other stylings Brianna puts together you can follow her at Brianna's Bazaar !  She is still at the Tranquil Cafe every Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday nites and on a rare occasion on some special weekend events.

Welcome to Tranquil

A Virtual Place








Annan Dreamscape & Norith Westland

Their first appearance was on November 21, 2013











Ren Enberg and Quai
Ren Enberg (Freestar Tammas) began  performing at the Tranquil Cafe on June 17, 2013 they will be playing a bi-weekly set
on Monday evenings at 6:00pmslt






Chapman began playing at the Cafe on July 17,2012.  He is playing every other Sunday nite at 5:00pmslt.






 Thunderfoot Lorefield


Thunderfoot Lorefield started playing on March 13,2011







Mamaa Saiz 


Mamaa performs bi-weekly at 6:00pmslt on Wed nite. His first performance at the Cafe was  January 1,2011

Kitzie Lane 
Kitzie's first performance in the Cafe was on June 14, 2010.




Chris Evermore


 His first performance in the Cafe was on June 5,2010.






Jon Regent
Jon performed for the first time in SL on May 4, 2010 at the Tranquil Cafe. He performs every other Tuesday nite at 5pmslt.

Shannon Oherlihy
 Her first gig at Tranquil was on April 13, 2009.




 MrMulti Writer


Watch MrMulti Writer on YouTube®!


MrMulti Writer was one of the first Tranquil Artist in Residence and performs every Wednesday at 5pmslt, and alternating Sundays at 5.

He performed his first gig at Tranquil Cafe on July7, 2008.

CelticMaidenWarrior Lancaster
CelticMaidenWarrior Lancaster performs every Thursday nite at 5pmslt.  She has performed at the Cafe since  May 11,2009.


Duncan Bagley
Duncan performs every Sunday nite at 6pmslt.  His first performance at Tranquil was on January 20,2009.




 izdovcr Finesmith

Check out izdovrcr Finesmith's Site!


izdovrcr plays every other Wednesday evening at 6pmslt. His first performance at Tranquil was on January 6,2009.




Gandalf Mornington


He has performed at the cafe since Dec 1,2009.

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